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May 2018

  • MiToBo 1.8.10 and MiToBo-Plugins 1.8.10 have been released shipping with new operators for biofilm analysis.
  • MiToBo 1.8.9 and MiToBo-Plugins 1.8.9 have been released mainly featuring an update of our MTBCellCounter tool.

January 2018

  • MiToBo 1.8.7 and MiToBo-Plugins have been released mainly featuring improved support for commandline data I/O of operators.
    Note that from now on MiToBo releases are PGP signed. MiToBo's public key for verification can be found on public key servers, e.g., at

September 2017

  • MiToBo and MiToBo-Plugins 1.8.6 have been released! The new release includes PaCeQuant , our new tool for high-throughput quantification of pavement cell shape.

March 2017

  • MiToBo 1.8.5 and MiToBo-Plugins 1.8.4 have been released.

December 2016

  • MiToBo 1.8.4 and MiToBo-Plugins 1.8.3 have been released.
    Also MiToBo's update site in Fiji now offers version 1.8.3.
    Note that this requires the Java-8 update site to be activated as well.

November 2016

  • MiToBo 1.8.3 has been released.

May 2016

  • MiToBo 1.8.2 has been released.
  • A new article about MiToBo entitled MiToBo - a toolbox for image processing and analysis has just been published in the Journal of Open Research Software, 4:e17, DOI:[1].

March 2016

  • MiToBo 1.8 has been released. From now on MiToBo builds upon Java 1.8.

September 2015

  • MiToBo 1.7 has been released. The new version mainly fixes some bugs in the GUI. MiToBo 1.7 is available via Fiji, from our Maven server 'moon' and on Zenodo.

June 2015

March 2015

  • Version 1.4.3 of MiToBo has been released
    The most important new feature is support for parameter callbacks. Based upon Alida in version 2.5 and its support for callbacks it is now possible to update the values of operator parameters depending on changes of other parameters. In addition, callbacks enable dynamic changes of the set of parameters an operator owns and dynamic re-configuration of the graphical interfaces, respectively.

January 2015

  • Version 1.4.2 of MiToBo has been released

December 2014

  • Version 1.4.1 of MiToBo has been released
    MiToBo and its base Alida will be presented at the OGRW 2014, which is the 9th Open German-Russian Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding. The workshop is taking place from 1st to 5th December in Koblenz/Germany. The title of our contribution is Design and Implementation of the Alida Framework to Ease the Development of Image Analysis Algorithms.

July 2014

  • Version 1.4 of MiToBo has been released
    The new version ships with new tools for the quantification of actin structures in microscopy images of cells, the ActinAnalyzer2D, and a new operator for detecting Xylems in images of cross sections of wood.

January 2014

  • Version 1.3 of MiToBo has been released
    The project management of MiToBo switched to Maven, from now on you can download MiToBo releases from our Maven server.
    The new release ships with a new version of the Neuron Analyzer 2D and includes the first release of the CellMigrationAnalyzer,
    a tool for cell tracking and migration analysis. In addition, in the MiToBo core several bugs were fixed, an illumination correction and a
    top-hat based contrast enhancement were added.

May 2013

  • Version 1.2 of MiToBo has been released.

MiToBo now includes Alida 2.2.1 which comes with a new mechanism to save and load operator configurations based on XML Beans.
Also Grappa has undergone some changes to improve usability, e.g. it now supports key shortcuts for the most important actions.

March 2013

  • Version 1.1 of MiToBo has been released.

MiToBo has undergone several internal enhancements mainly dedicated to the stability and usability of the core and its user interfaces.
In addition, MiToBo now includes the Neuron Analyzer which is an application for the analysis of 2D images of neuronal cells.
The analyzer is capable of extracting complete regions of neuronal cells (not only traces) and allows for extraction of protein concentrations along the neurites.

October 2012

  • Version 1.0.5 of MiToBo has been released.

Most important new feature is the graphical programming editor "Grappa" which is released in this new MiToBo version!
The editor, although still in an early state, already provides a solid fundament for designing image analysis workflows in a graphical manner without need for programming.
Grappa is available as plugin for ImageJ. Note that the editor will be presented in a talk at the ImageJ User & Developer Conference 2012.
Besided the new editor other changes have mainly been done under the hood, e.g., online consistency checks within the graphical user interfaces have been integrated.

  • Updated version of Chipory available for download.

August 2012

Some of the MiToBo developers will join the ImageJ User & Developer Conference 2012 to be held at the end of October in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg.
In particular, two plugins for ImageJ implemented in MiToBo will be presented and demonstrated in posters:

  • B. Möller and D. Misiak, "SnakeOptimizer - Object Segmentation with Parametric Active Contours in ImageJ"
  • M. Glaß, B. Möller and S. Posch, "Scratch Assay Analysis in ImageJ"

We are looking forward to meet you in Mondorf-les-Bains!

July 2012 - Release 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 of MiToBo has been released.
The new release ships with new quick start plugins for the SnakeOptimizer and ScratchAssayAnalyzer operators.
In addition a lot of bugs have been fixed in the core of Alida/MiToBo improving robustness and usability of the operators and their automatically generated user interfaces.

Check the download page for jars and sources.

New release of chipory ready for download

April 2012

Version 1.0.0 of MiToBo has been released.
Most interesting new features are:

  • automatic generation of graphical user interfaces for MiToBo operators
  • a flexible generic tool for running operators via command line
  • operators performing level set segmentation on images
  • support for saving/loading parameter settings from GUI

Check the download page for jars and sources.

March 2012 - Preview of Release 1.0

Very soon a new version of MiToBo will be released! Amongst others one of the main features will be the automatic user interface generation for implemented operators.
In particular, MiToBo will include mature (automatically generated!) graphical user interfaces for several of its operators, e.g. for the scratch assay analyzer or the snake segmentation. To get a first impression on these interfaces take a look at the beta release. This beta release does not contain MiToBo as a whole, but just selected operators. It is also not fully functional, but allows you to get a first impression of what MiToBo's next release is going to offer you, and especially how easy it will be even for non-experts to use MiToBo's functionality!

  • Download the beta release here!

Just put the jar archive into your ImageJ plugins folder and make sure that it is also part of your classpath! In addition you will also need the following jars:

Finally some MiToBo internal jars are required (have a look at the download page for more details):

... and for the snakes you require C++ native libs:

  • 32-bit Linux lib, 64-bit Linux lib, 32-bit Windows lib

On running ImageJ you will find an entry "MiToBo->mitoboRunner->MiToBo Runner" in the plugins menu. By selecting the item the operator choser window will pop-up and allow you to browse and execute some of the MiToBo operators. We hope that you enjoy MiToBo! If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are pleased with any feedback to further improve MiToBo!

September 2011

Version 0.9.6 of MiToBo has been released.
It will be presented at the Workshop Microscopic Image Analysis with Applications in Biology in Heidelberg, Germany, September 2, 2011
Most interesting new features are:

  • more user-friendly I/O interfaces
  • MiCA, the 2D microscope cell image analyzer
  • several bugfixes and internal enhancements

Check the download page for jars and sources.

June 2011

Version 0.9.5 of MiToBo has just been released!
Most interesting new features are:

  • scratch assay analysis with levelsets
  • enhanced image I/O
  • easy operator development with annotations

October 2010

The first version (v0.9) of MiToBo has been released.