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How to cite MiToBo?

If you use functionality provided by MiToBo in your research or if you use the MiToBo library as basis for your own projects, please cite one of our main papers in your publications:

  • B. Möller, M. Glaß, D. Misiak and S. Posch, MiToBo - A Toolbox for Image Processing and Analysis,
    Journal of Open Research Software, 2016, 4:e17, DOI:

More publications related to MiToBo can be found on the publications page.
Additional publications about the underlying Alida framework are available from Alida's publications page.

The major release versions of MiToBo are also indexed and archived at Zenodo.
You can directly refer to these release versions by adding a reference to the corresponding Zenodo artifacts to your work:

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