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  • We greatfully acknowledge Dr. Martin Schattat, Plant Organelle Shape and Dynamics Lab, Institute of Plant Physiology, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, for the close collaboration, scientific support, image acquisition and comprehensive user feedback during the development of the MTBCellCounter and various other plant cell related operators.

  • Many thanks to the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Stefan Hüttelmaier (Division for Molecular Cell Biology) of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) for their scientific support and image acquisition.

  • MiToBo builds on top of ImageJ and Fiji and takes great benefit from the infrastructure and very active community of theses tools. Hence, a big thanks goes to the ImageJ/Fiji development team around Wayne Rasband, Curtis Rueden and all the others for their never ending efforts to steadily push forward the tools.

  • We thank the Eclipse Foundation for developing the Eclipse IDE, which greatly accelerates the development of MiToBo.

Active MiToBo maintainers and core developers

  • Stefan Posch
  • Birgit Möller

Former members of the development team

  • Markus Glaß
  • Oliver Greß
  • Danny Misiak