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Several image processing pipelines have already been developed in MiToBo.
Below you can find selected example applications.

  • CellBoundaryExtractor2D (since MiToBo
    extracts cell boundaries from microscopy images using vesselness enhancement filters.
  • Cytoskeleton Analyzer 2D (since MiToBo 1.8.13)
    is an advanced version of the Actin Analyzer 2D operator for quantifying and comparing structural patterns of the cytoskeleton in cells, e.g., of actin microfilament structures or microtubuli patterns.
  • PaCeQuant (released with MiToBo 1.8.6, updated in 2.0),
    for quantifying pavement cell shape in a high-throughput manner; the main plugin is supplemented by corresponding tools, i.e. the LabelImageEditor and the FeatureColorMapper
  • MTB Cell Counter (since MiToBo 1.5),
    a tool for semi-automatic labeling and counting of spot-like structures like, e.g., plastides, stress granules or p-bodies
  • Neuron Analyzer 2D
    for segmenting the area of neurites and quantify protein concentrations within these neurites