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Cell Migration Analyzer

Tracking ES-2.gif


  • Segments and tracks fluorescently labeled cells from time lapse image sequences
  • An additional fluorescence channel acting as a marker for including/ excluding certain cells can be used
  • Descriptors characterizing migratory behaviour, morphological parameters and fluorescence distributions are reported in tab separated files that can be further processed by spreadsheet programs or R.

Name of Plugin/Operator:
(since MiToBo version 1.3)

Additional operators contained in the package:

  • FluorescentCellSegmenter
    • segments fluorescently labeled cells from images/ image sequences
  • CellSegmentationPostprocessing
    • postprocesses objects from binary images/ image sequences (e.g. size filtering)
  • CellTrackerBipartite
    • tracks (i.e. creates a label image sequence) objects from binary image sequences based on the objects' locations and areas
  • MigrationAnalyzer
    • calculates migration and shape descriptors of objects from a label image sequence as well as intensity descriptors if a corresponding fluorescence image sequence is given
    • can create colored trajectories on a separate image or as overlay

Example images
tracking sequences