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FeatureColorMapper Plugin

Short Description

The FeatureColorMapper allows to map feature values extracted for regions in an image onto corresponding label images for visualization.
The features values (like for example extracted by the PaCeQuant plugin) have to be provided as CSV files.
The mapper allows to select a set of features, and for each feature color maps with user-defined colors showing the overlay of region-specific feature values over the image regions are saved to disk.

Release Notes

The FeatureColorMapper is available in MiToBo since release version 1.8.17.

Related Publication

Name of Plugin/Operator

(available since MiToBo version 1.8.17)

Main features

  • allows to map shape features extracted by PaCeQuant in heatmap style to cell images

Usage - Parameters

To run the plugin perform the following steps:

  • install MiToBo by following the instructions on the Installation page
  • ...
Input Parameters

... coming soon

Output Parameters

... coming soon

Sample data

... coming soon