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Download the current release:  
Download the current release:  
* MTBChisio binary [ tar.gz] [ zip]
* MTBChisio binary [ tar.gz] [ zip]
* self extracting installer for Windows [ mtbchisio-installer.exe]
* self extracting installer for Windows [ mtbchisio-installer.exe]
Source code for MTBChisio is available upon request.
Source code for MTBChisio is available upon request.

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MiToBo requires Java 1.6 or later.

The following external jars are needed to run MiToBo plugins and use the code:

MiToBo relies on some libraries provided by the MiToBo project itself.
If you download the MiToBo binaries you will find them included in the zip file.

The zip file contains the following jars:

  • MTBImageIO-Ext, Version 0.9 (improved image I/O based on ImageIO-Ext):
    • Binary jar
    • Source code zip
    • Alternatively, the ImageIO-Ext library can be used, which depends on the JAI ImageIO library and the JAI library.
      MTBImageIO-Ext is simply the TIFF part of ImageIO-Ext with slight adjustments to remove dependency on the JAI library.
  • MTBGraphml, Version 0.9 (MiToBo extensions for graphML):
  • MTBXml, Version 0.9 (MiToBo XML I/O for several datatypes, based on XMLBeans):

Current release (v0.9)

  • MiToBo Binaries zip tar.gz (includes MiToBo binaries, license information and additional jars provided by the MiToBo project)
  • MiToBo Sources zip tar.gz (includes only the MiToBo sources)
  • MiToBo API zip tar.gz

All versions of MiToBo

Version Binaries Sources API Date
0.9 zip tar.gz zip tar.gz zip tar.gz October 26, 2010


Detailed information about MiToBo, its API and usage, can be found in the user and programmer manual.

  • MiToBo-Manual, Version 0.9 pdf

Additional resources

  • MTBChisio - a graph visualization tool for displaying MiToBo history graphs

MTBChisio is an extended version of the Chisio software developed at the Bilkent University in Turkey.

The zip or the tgz file below contains all necessary files. Download one of these and unpack it into a folder of your choice.

  • To use MTBChisio on a Linux system with 32-bit architecture just type './'.
  • In case that your machine has a 64-bit architecture running Linux, call './'.
  • For Windows with 32-bit architecture a self extracting installer including an executable of mtbchisio is available.

Download the current release:

Source code for MTBChisio is available upon request.