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The Microscope Image Analysis Toolbox MiToBo contains a lot of new features for scientist, who want to develop
new plugins and algorithms in the field of custom image analysis and processing, and those who want to use
custom plugins from ImageJ in their daily research.

A list of contained features and their description in short detail can be found below.

The operator concept is one of the major features in MiToBo. By developing such operators, the processing steps
can be linked to a directed graph structure, which allows self-documentation of the entire image analysis process.
Each resulting data object, being the result of a certain operator or sequence of operations, is associated with a
history graph in XML format.

The well known and very powerful plugin concept of ImageJ is also available in MiToBo.
Every user and developer, using MiTobo, can easily create new plugins and customize existing ImageJ plugins,
to use the automatic documentation of the plugin via the operator concept of MiToBo for instance.

Data types
MiToBo defines a set of its own data types. For example, a new image data type was developed to improve the
ImageJ image classes.

Using the plugin and operator concept combined with the large amount of already implemented datatypes and operators,
a huge coupple of applications on biological and biomedical images can be developed.