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* [[Operators/Apps/ActinAnalysis | cytoskeleton/ActinAnalyzer2D]]
* [[Applications/ActinAnalyzer2D| cytoskeleton/ActinAnalyzer2D]]: a tool for quantifying and comparing actin microfilament structures (since MiToBo 1.4)

* [[Operators/Apps/CytoskeletonAnalyzer2D | cytoskeleton/CytoskeletonAnalyzer2D]]
* [[Applications/CytoskeletonAnalyzer2D| cytoskeleton/CytoskeletonAnalyzer2D]]: the successor of the [[Applications/ActinAnalyzer2D | Actin Analyzer 2D]] for quantifying and comparing cytoskeleton structures in cells (since MiToBo 1.8.13)

* [[Operators/Apps/Neurites2D | neurites2D/NeuriteAnalyzer2D]]
* [[Applications/NeuronAnalyzer2D| neurites2D/NeuriteAnalyzer2D]]: a tool for segmenting the area of neurites and quantify protein concentrations within these neurites

* [[Operators/Apps/ScratchAssay | scratchAssay/ScratchAssayAnalyzer]]
* [[Applications/ScratchAssayAnalyzer| scratchAssay/ScratchAssayAnalyzer]]: a tool for analysis of collective cell migration based on scratch/ wound closure assay images

* [[Operators/Apps/SingleCellTracking2D | singleCellTracking2D/CellMigrationAnalyzer]]
* [[Applications/CellMigrationAnalyzer| singleCellTracking2D/CellMigrationAnalyzer]]: a tool for migration analysis based on single cell tracking

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