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The PaCeQuant Plugin and Corresponding Tools

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The PaCeQuant plugin for fully automatic cell segmentation and shape feature extraction is part of MiToBo since release 1.8.6.

More details about the plugin and its usage can be found on the PaCeQuant's website.

Main publication:

Over the time the main plugin has been supplemented with several complementary tools to ease cell shape analysis and feature visualization:

  • the R package PaCeQuantAna for statistical analysis of feature data and creation of publication-ready plots of feature distributions and statistical analysis results

Further references where PaCeQuant and the tools are documented or have been used:

  • Y. Poeschl, B. Möller, L. Müller, and K. Bürstenbinder,
    User-friendly assessment of pavement cell shape features with PaCeQuant: Novel functions and tools.
    In Methods in Cell Biology, Academic Press, 2020.

PaCeQuant and the different tools have been developed in close collaboration with...